HRCC teaches beginners how to run a self-employed renovation business.


Are you ready to leave low wages behind and unlock your potential in the home renovation industry? With Home Renovation Contractor Course (HRCC), you’ll transform from a beginner to a confident and knowledgeable renovation contractor in just eight weeks.

HRCC equips you with the skills and expertise you need to excel in the home renovation business. Our comprehensive program ensures you’re well-prepared to tackle projects with precision and excellence. Don’t settle for less; make the leap to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career today!

From Blueprint to Success in just 8 weeks: HRCC Graduates Gain the Expertise to Tackle Renovation Projects with Confidence.

From Imagination to Creation: Contractors Visualize the Remarkable in Every Project.

Renovating people's homes

In the home renovation business, success lies in the art of transformation. It’s about taking spaces that are old, worn-out, and unappealing and turning them into something entirely new—beautiful, pristine, and simply amazing.

From the very first day you meet your client and discuss their vision, you’ll develop the incredible ability to visualize the entire project. You’ll see it unfold before your eyes, just as your client envisions it during the planning process.

Cultivating this skill is essential—it will be your guiding light. In moments of stress or uncertainty, you can reassure your clients that you’ve always “seen” the project’s completion. You’ll paint a vivid mental picture of a space fully transformed, devoid of renovation clutter, radiating warmth with furniture, illuminated by lights, adorned with cushions, and graced with pictures on the walls—a complete home, ready for comfortable living.

Victor's Journey: From Doubt to Triumph

Reflecting on my past, I recall moments of uncertainty. There were times when I felt disorganized and questioned whether a career as a renovation contractor was truly my path. Managing older projects left me feeling less confident, unsure of myself. However, amidst these doubts, I stumbled upon something remarkable.

I realized that the repetition of the same responsibilities, day after day, was the key to managing complex tasks. It was a turning point—a revelation that transformed my perspective on this home renovation career. I made a resolute decision, and today, I’m deeply passionate about this work.

Since that pivotal discovery, I’ve honed my renovation business, tightening the reins, and taking on multiple jobs simultaneously. It’s nothing short of exhilarating—maintaining a watchful eye on a network of data from three distinct home improvement projects. Earning from three distinct sources—now that’s truly enjoyable!

Unlocking the Power of Consistency: Victor’s Inspirational Path to Managing Multiple Renovation Projects.

Contractor instructs a manual worker to carry out the job on contractor's behalf.

Building Success Together: Contractors and Independent Workers Seamlessly Partner to Deliver Quality Work.

Worker typically has a self-employed status himself too. Worker is not literally “employed” by the contractor. Worker is instructed to carry out a job. He has a payment agreed too. But when job is done and the contractor pays the worker – this worker deals with his tax alone as self-employed. In the same way as the contractor deals with his self-employed earnings and tax.

A beginner renovation contractor does not have to “employ” the worker. But the contractor needs a receipt from the worker for his payment. This receipt will be recorded as “labour cost” in contractor’s accounts.