Once your order has been processed :

You will receive Folder HRCC 1  within 48 hours with : Introduction, Q1, Q2.

Folder HRCC 1 must be studied for about 18 days, until full understanding. Assignments 1,2,3 must be completed.

Within 18 days from receiving Folder HRCC 1, you will receive Folder HRCC 2 with : Q3, Q4 folder (jobs, tools, materials, safety wear, Start routines), confidence, memo.

Folder HRCC 2’s content must be studied for about 30 days, until full understanding. Assignments 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 must be completed.

We recommend studying once again all 4 Q modules for another 2 weeks.

The whole HRCC learning cycle should last around 50-60 days allowing averagely 2 hours per day for studying.


Memo repeats most important rules in renovation business and assignments. Memo should be studied constantly even when trading.These rules do not have to be learned by heart.

But these rules will have an effect on contractor’s renovation business. They have to be visible at all time.


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